2013 National Open Series Winner

 ......... First Electric to Win a Wally 


...........Owner: Candice & Peter Sotropa

............Driver: Aly Skanderup



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Points Meet Final SIR Sept. 9 1st Elim. win MHDRA, May 18 Back-up record run. Change Dial-in to match
After electric conversion
Everyone knows their jobs in the pits.
Halfscale rolling chassis; a good start.
72 V Lipo Battery and Charger for sale
18-10-8 Hoosiers. 3.5-4.5 psi. Wrinkle wall really wrinkles.
Cosby Racing School. Layton's first test.
Hippie controller.
10-12 degree advanced brushes.
Super fast inductive throttle.
Belt replaces chain.
Our weekend home is the pits.
Two less wheels.
Layton's Court

Castrol Raceway 2014.











"Who's next?"

Our record setting 8.848 ET and back up 8.913.

IHRA Castrol Raceway, Edmonton, Alberta, Sept. 6, 2014